Join The Lane Hackers

Step 1: Select your background

Ageira Technologies

Lane Hackers

Choose background of your character, specifically whether it is a young Lane Hacker aspiring to join the inner circle or traditionally an Ageira Technologies employee willing to defect the corporation. If your character has other corporate or military background choose Ageira Technologies background.

Step 2: Choose your secret alias

  • A custom one (Send us a PM)
  • Andross
  • Bassam Baradj
  • Caiboche
  • Demian Foucault
  • Emil Lefebrve
  • Franz Sanchez
  • Goldfinger
  • Hammond Litte
  • Hector Gonzales
  • Hera Volopoulos
  • Jaws
  • Jay Autem Holy
  • Justin Vek
  • Kananga
  • Konstantin Chernov
  • Lucy Collins
  • Max Zorin
  • Niall Dunne
  • Randolph Hellebore
  • Red Grant
  • Sluggsy Morant
  • Stefan Pomerov
  • Sun Liang-tan
  • Tamil Rahani
  • Tudeer
  • Ugo Carnifex

Lane Hackers use secret aliases to protect their identities from the prying eyes of those snakes at Ageira, Deep Space Engineering, Interspace Commerce and Independent Neuralnet Division. These secret identities prevent Ageira's fellow hoodlums from showing up in the night to abduct our friends and relatives back in Liberty to hold as pawns for their wicked corporate games. These aliases have been especially selected by the Lane Hacker Professors because they exemplify the brilliantly maniacal manifestations of enhanced intellectual, scientific, and technical prowess that is the trademark of all Lane Hackers.

Step 3: Request joining instructions