Spike Lester [neural-net account]

Dossier #1465-483 by Liberty Security Force, Security Division, Intelligence Branch
Alias: Spike Lester
Affiliation: The Lane Hackers
Rank: Infiltrator
Specialization: Intelligence
Status: Active
Background: Lane Hackers
Height: 189 cm
Hair: dark
Eyes: dark
Age: 29, born 800 A.S.

Personal Background

Subject born on Planet Manhattan from a couple of Liberty Navy officers. Its early life was rather uneventful, until - after completing all necessary classes - he came of age to pilot his own ship, in 818 AS. Eager to follow in his parents' footsteps, he enrolled in the Liberty Navy Academy at West Point as a simple ensign. During the Academy, he learned the basics of space warfare combat.

Subject's career in the Navy started after he obtained his promotion to the rank of lieutenant. His usual patrol day included hunting fleeing criminals - with orders to not venture within the Badlands alone - and checking on cargo convoys and freelancer traders, and confiscating contraband. The event that changed the subject's views on how he would protect House Liberty was when New York was subject to an alien invasion. Working in tandem with other Navy officers and captains, the invasion was pushed back, but at high cost. Among those vessels, there was the Overlord-class battleship callsign LNS Harmony, leading the battlegroup bearing its name.
In the aftermath of the alien invasion, in late 822 AS, the subject requested a transfer from the Liberty Navy to the Liberty Security Force as he felt he could deal better with both external and internal threats.

Given the subject's Naval experience, subject didn't have any issues in adapting to the LSF's way of operating. He was assigned to Homeland Defense and External Operations, depending on the need. When out of Liberty, most of his forays were in either the Edge Worlds, mostly Omicrons, or in territory owned by Liberty's enemies - and some of those forays brought him to the system called Vespucci - said to be the Hellfire Legion's home.

Until 823 AS, subject's career in the LSF was rather void of notable events, aside of usual reports of patrols and assignments. In mid 823 AS, however, Battlegroup Harmony - seemingly under the accusations of harboring infected personnel - was assaulted by Liberty Navy forces, which resulted in the arrest of the Battlegroup's leader and the impoundment of their flagship, the LNS Harmony, on Juneau. The LSF joined the Battlegroup's side, defending them from the accusations...


...subject was among the LSF forces which aided in Battlegroup Harmony's escape from Alaska. In this scenario, subject was seen fighting side-by-side with Unioner and Hacker vessels against Naval vessels. Subject was seen during multiple skirmishes against Naval personnel, which resulted in multiple destruction of Navy fightercrafts and capital vessels, with consequent murder of Navy personnel. After the skirmishes simmered down, resulting int the Battlegroup's escape, subject's whereabouts were lost...


...since the escape of Battlegroup Harmony, patrols report of an individual flying under Lane Hackers transponders - assisting the so-called Separatists - which matches subject's description. If spotted, proceed with extreme caution.

Known Crimes

- Treason of House Liberty as a consequence of siding with Battlegroup Harmony;
- Destruction of multiple Liberty Navy vessels, including capital vessels;
- Alleged destruction of multiple corporate properties (eg. depots);
- Alleged multiple extortion of corporate captains belonging to various companies;
- Alleged allegiances with the Lane Hackers.

Threat Assessment

  • The subject is considered as medium level threat in terms of personal potential to physically damage Liberty Security Force properties and personnel.
  • The subject is considered as extreme level threat in terms of potential damage to Liberty Security Force security protocols and Neural-net assets.
  • The subject is considered as minimal level threat in terms of potential public relations damage to Liberty Security Force image and its subsidiaries.


All security agents are instructed to capture at all costs the subject after eliminating all its electronic warfare systems in order to avoid a hostile takeover. If captured the target is to be secured in the nearest facility where it will await transfer to the headquarters for further processing. No preliminary interrogation of the subject is allowed.

  • 828-03-01 AS, Communication Channel with faction representatives from -|-, Hispania Imperial (Low priority)  
  • 827-12-17 AS, Communication Channel with faction representatives from Order|, The Order (High priority)  
  • 827-08-01 AS, Communication Channel with faction representatives from XA-, Xeno Alliance (Low priority)  
  • 827-04-16 AS, Communication Channel with faction representatives from XA-, Xeno Alliance (Medium priority)  
  • 827-02-07 AS, Communication Channel with faction representatives from GC-, Gen'an Chrysanthemums (Medium priority)  
  • 827-01-18 AS, Communication Channel with faction representatives from LG|, Loyola Group (Medium priority)