Level 4

Grubozaboyschikov [neural-net account]

Dossier #1459-318 by Liberty Police, Security Division, Intelligence Branch
Alias: Grubozaboyschikov
Affiliation: The Lane Hackers
Rank: Level 4
Status: Inactive
Joined: 822-01-13 AS
Background: Ageira Technologies
Height: 163 cm
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Age: 30, born 799 A.S.

Personal Background

Code word Grubozaboyschikov. Several suspects have been identified leading to this identification phrase. It is suspected that all but one are false targets as the suspect has been reported using different IP addresses and locations to hack into their targets. The main suspect is [DATA CORRUPTED], though not enough evidence has been gathered to confirm or has gone missing due to attacks from Grubozaboyschikov, known only know after the data has vanished.

The main suspect was born and raised on Planet Denver and completed her high school schooling. She attended classes in computer engineering at the local university, though records show she did not attend all of her classes but only ones related more to coding. Her grades showed outstanding performance despite her attendance record.

The residence of the main suspect was tracked down after a successful attempt to infiltrate the Ageira database by Grubozaboyschikov. Specialized SWAT teams were dispatched to the area but found only the remains of what was there, including hard-drives, software, and other computer software with most of the data lost. From the small evidence recovered from the site, some evidence has been found of virus programing, traces of hacking into private networks, as well as hacking into the school's and universities databases and changing grades. Parental gardeins of the main suspect know nothing of Grubozaboyschikov and say the main suspect was repairing computers at the time and had to leave to a friends house. The main suspect has since then not returned home and has vanished.

Known Crimes

6 Accounts of Breaking and entering. 1 account of Corruption.
• Breaking and entering: Hacking into the Agerian Technology's database and attempting to retrieve classified data.
• Breaking and entering: Hacking into public school board net.
• Breaking and entering: Hacking private addresses and intercoms of individuals.
• Breaking and entering + Corruption: Development and release of dangerous/harmful viruses.
• Breaking and entering: Hacking other corporation worker's private information and exposing it.
• Breaking and entering: Leaking of private information and images to the public net.

Threat Assessment

  • The subject is considered as minimal level threat in terms of personal potential to physically damage Liberty Police properties and personnel.
  • The subject is considered as medium level threat in terms of potential damage to Liberty Police security protocols and Neural-net assets.
  • The subject is considered as medium level threat in terms of potential public relations damage to Liberty Police image and its subsidiaries.


All security agents are instructed to capture or terminate the subject using standard operational techniques and procedures. If captured the target is to be transferred to the nearest facility to be interrogated.

  • 824-06-05 AS, Alliance Declaration - Direct Channel with Allison Hunter, Athena Thompson, Jade Linford, Justin Waldhar, Lena Smith, Victoria Knight / Julie Morrel, Yann Blackwings from H|-, Battlegroup Harmony (High priority)
  • 824-05-01 AS, Communication Channel with faction representatives from Order|, The Order (High priority)
  • 824-04-28 AS, Communication Channel with Avery Reeves from N/A, Agency 404 (High priority)
  • 824-04-12 AS, Communication Channel with Minami Mi from GC|, Golden Chrysanthemums (High priority)
  • 824-01-21 AS, Communication Channel with Helmut Weinstein from [ALG], ALG Waste Disposal (High priority)  
  • 824-01-04 AS, Communication Channel with Michał Golański from Order|, The Order (High priority)  
  • 823-12-20 AS, Communication Channel with Sapphire Raven / Revenant, Tacitus from A/)-, Battlegroup Auxesia (High priority)
  • 823-12-19 AS, Communication Channel with Aimi Amaia from GC|, Golden Chrysanthemums (High priority)  
  • 823-12-19 AS, Communication Channel with Cristina Martelli, Ileana Martelli from NC-, National Council (High priority)  
  • 823-12-16 AS, Communication Channel with Otis Jethro from [IND], Independent Neuralnet Division (High priority)  
  • 823-12-13 AS, Communication Channel with Minami Mi from GC|, Golden Chrysanthemums (High priority)
  • 823-12-10 AS, Communication Channel with Steve from .:j:., Junkers Congress (Medium priority)
  • 823-11-27 AS, Communication Channel with Matthias Clarke from GG-, Gaian Guard (High priority)
  • 823-06-16 AS, Communication Channel with Enma Loyola from NC-, National Council (High priority)  
  • 823-01-05 AS, Communication Channel with Alonso Rosario from |+|, Crimson Cross (High priority)  
  • 822-12-29 AS, Communication Channel with Anthony Hall from Ageira~, Ageira Innovations (High priority)