Lane Hacker Archives

The Archives is a fabled creation of the Lane Hackers shrouded in mystery and rumors. The concept of its original creation was to defy Liberty's rigid laws concerning copyrights and intellectual property. Subsequently for the first two decades the Archives were periodically connected into the Neural-net offering digital information which was under normal circumstances classified or available only by purchase.

The Neural Net Wiki
Archive Digital Library, Airdire Hideout, Alberta

As the Archives' connection into the Neural-net was unstable, it was considered as a quest for a number of users to find the new Neural-net location and share it to the world. This led to a maelstorm of rumors constantly surfacing about the re-appearances of the Archives which rarely were correct but usually they were not. After the first two decades, Liberty's government with the invaluable help of Ageira Technologies had become very efficient in shutting down the Archives and thus a new purpose was conceived. The Archives were converted into a digital library located deep inside Airdie Hideout.

The library spans into two floors and except its original content it now offers all the useful information that can found in the Neural-Net as well as knowledge and data that the Lane Hackers have assembled over the years. Communications between individuals and entities are all listed there, however unlike its former version, the information of the Archives is now highly stratified and restricted content can be viewed only with sufficient access. Despite this change there are still rumors that the Archives can be found somewhere in a dark corner of the net.

Available archives: