Counterfeit Software

The Lane Hackers prefer to sell their information to others rather than do the dirty work themselves. Thanks to their technical skills, they have established themselves as the primary source of Counterfeit Software on the black market.

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Data Center, Cochrane Depot, Ontario

Most of the software used in Sirius is transferred long distances through wireless channels built into trade lanes and jump gates. However, the channels are extensively firewalled against intrusions, and no unlawful factions except for Lane Hackers can gain access to them. In the recent 200 years, a wide market of counterfeit software arose in Sirius. Different kinds of software, like operating systems, security programs, or video games, are cracked and illegaly copied onto high-density optical disks or flash drives. The disks are later delivered to customers. Carrying counterfeit software is profitable, but no less dangerous business: it is considered illegal in all five houses.

The Lane Hackers are known for the best software on the black market including among others cryptographic solutions, energy efficiency optimizers and identity spoofers. Everything that is stolen from Ageira Technologies or the Liberty Security Force is eventually retrieved, reverse engineered and sold on the black market by the Lane Hackers.

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