Making the corporate weenies cry, so our kids can live in a free and just galaxy.

The Lane Hackers Slogan

All young Lane Hackers and all former oppressed, stepped on, abused, neglected, defrauded, and recently enlightened Ageira or other Liberty companies' employees, as well as recently converted agents of their military hoodlums are invited to hack this comm channel to request induction into the profitable, hazardous, humorous, diabolical, corporatricidal and pranktifical camaraderie of The Lane Hackers' inner circle. But be warned! Attempt to infiltrate us on behalf of those corporate shrub monkeys and we will subject you to our specially developed diabolical, maniacal, sinister, mania-interrogation methods, and then sell whatever miniscule fragment of your sanity that survives to the Slavers Union!

The Lane Hackers is a Liberty-based unlawful faction designed to present a challenge to even veteran Freelancer players of the Discovery Mod. The philosophy that has guided the faction's development is that limitations create challenge, challenge creates risk, risk requires cunning and teamwork for success, and thus creates fun. Therefore, you will face a number of arguably severe limitations as a member of The Lane Hackers. You will not be allowed to transfer credits from your other characters and you will be limited in what ship and weapons you may use. In exchange for these and other limitations, you will gain a truly immersive and rewarding gameplay experience, as well as acceptance into a team of positive, creative and dedicated players.

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