Level 3

Gustav Graves [neural-net account]

Dossier #1814-714 by Liberty Police, Security Division, Intelligence Branch
Alias: Gustav Graves
Affiliation: The Lane Hackers
Rank: Level 3
Status: Inactive
Joined: 823-09-28 AS
Background: Other
Height: 188 cm
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Age: 49, born 782 A.S.

Personal Background

The subject first appeared in LPI records around the year of 807 A.S. in connection with a few apprehended Cardamine dealers on the streets of Manhattan's low-class urban areas. When questioned for whom they worked, the apprehended dealers mentioned the name Navarro, which is, as the investigators later found out, the subject's real family name. For lack of further leads, the issue was put to rest and the petty criminals sentenced to three years in Huntsville. For the longest time, nothing else would reveal itself to warrant re-opening the case file until a fairly large Cardamine and Nox shipment was seized in 817 A.S..

A Clydesdale filled to the brim with the two substances had been reported by a concerned citizen to be parked in a private hangar for suspiciously short intervals of time. Officers that arrived to interdict the freighter upon its next visit found the substances described above as well as the courier, who again identified his boss by the name of Navarro. Seeing the connection to a former case, the LPI re-opened both, deeming it necessary, as it seemed like we were dealing with a large-scale drug distribution network. Further investigation into the matter revealed a layer of drug crime that has so far been undetected due to the low priority of the areas affected. From what was recovered from the seized Clydesdale, it was possible for the LPI to root out a large drug distrubution network, though its head eluded us.

The interrogated suspects in the case revealed enough information to identify the subject as August Navarro, born on Denver in 782 A.S.. Attempts to locate potential relatives have proven futile, although it stands to reason that they did not leave voluntarily, if the status of their dwellings was taken into consideration. To this day, investigation into their whereabouts have been halted due to lack of potential leads and the file closed due to the subjects disappearance. It is believed he had advanced knowledge about the investigation and that he sought refuge with one of Liberty's criminal organisations.

Known Crimes

• Drug Trafficing
• Possible Abduction
• Forced Prostitution

Threat Assessment

  • The subject is considered as medium level threat in terms of personal potential to physically damage Liberty Police properties and personnel.
  • The subject is considered as minimal level threat in terms of potential damage to Liberty Police security protocols and Neural-net assets.
  • The subject is considered as low level threat in terms of potential public relations damage to Liberty Police image and its subsidiaries.


All security agents are instructed to capture the subject using standard operational techniques and procedures. If captured the target is to be transferred to the nearest facility to be interrogated.

  • 824-05-19 AS, Communication Channel with Victoria Knight / Julie Morrel from H|-, Battlegroup Harmony (High priority)  
  • 824-03-05 AS, Communication Channel with Savannah Maya from GC|, Golden Chrysanthemums (High priority)
  • 824-02-11 AS, Communication Channel with Gabriella Casta from [101st], 101st Outcast Guard "Ghosts of Razgriz" (High priority)
  • 824-02-05 AS, Communication Channel with Sarah O'Riley from IMG|, Independent Miners Guild (High priority)  
  • 824-01-22 AS, Communication Channel with Helmut Weinstein from [ALG], ALG Waste Disposal (High priority)
  • 824-01-06 AS, Communication Channel with Ademar Argueda from [101st], 101st Outcast Guard "Ghosts of Razgriz" (Low priority)  
  • 824-01-05 AS, Communication Channel with Simon Sorrell from N/A, Nebula Complex (High priority)  
  • 823-12-28 AS, Communication Bursts ( ) with Eliza Valdez from Outcasts, independent (High priority)  
  • 823-12-28 AS, Communication Channel with Grifo LaValette from Outcasts, independent (Medium priority)  
  • 823-12-23 AS, Communication Channel with Joshua Hunt / Leviathan / Endurance from A/)-, Battlegroup Auxesia (High priority)  
  • 823-12-16 AS, Communication Channel with Otis Jethro from [IND], Independent Neuralnet Division (High priority)  
  • 823-11-15 AS, Communication Channel with faction representatives from .:j:., Junkers Congress (High priority)  
  • 823-11-11 AS, Communication Channel with Ivan Norovich from [FL-ER], Freelacing Escorts & Repairs (High priority)  
  • 823-11-03 AS, Communication Channel with Liz from Junkers, independent (Medium priority)  
  • 823-10-15 AS, Communication Channel with Andra Sullivan from Zoners, independent (Low priority)  
  • 823-10-15 AS, Communication Channel with Andra Sullivan from IG|, Interstellar Guardians (Medium priority)  
  • 823-10-10 AS, Communication Channel with Joshua Hunt / Leviathan / Endurance from A/)-, Battlegroup Auxesia (High priority)  
  • 823-10-07 AS, Communication Channel with Gilbert Kapp from .:j:., Junkers Congress (High priority)  
  • 823-09-07 AS, Communication Channel with Michał Golański from Order|, The Order (High priority)