Dossier #1589-687 by Ageira Technologies, Security Division, Intelligence Branch
Alias: Svengali
Affiliation: The Lane Hackers
Rank: Hacker
Status: Inactive
Background: Ageira Technologies
Height: unknown
Hair: unknown
Eyes: unknown
Age: unknown

Personal Background

There is no data available regarding the subject's history prior to his first breach of Ageira Security. It is unknown whether the security breaches ascribed to the subject are the work of a single individual or numerous individuals attempting to cloak their activities under a single "pseudonym". All that is known about the subject is inferred from a psychological profile constructed by Liberty Security Force based on the hacks performed by the subject.

The subject possesses an intelligence quotient that is at a minimum 4 standard deviations above the mean, placing the subject in the top 0.01% of the population. The subject displays a superior attitude that would normally be classified as narcissistic personality disorder, but that in his case may simply be a recognition of the extraordinary gap between his intellectual abilities and those of the population at large.

The subject displays a tremendous tendency towards a mischievous or devious display of humor in his otherwise criminal activities, indicating that he may perceive his actions as having little to no moral implications and instead are merely mental challenges attempted for his own bemusement. Nevertheless, the seriousness of the security breaches committed by the subject demonstrates that the subject's activities pose a grave threat to any level of security in Liberty that the subject chooses to attack.

The subject has flawlessly performed numerous hacks into Liberty based security networks that were traceable only to anonymous network terminals. The degree of complexity combined with the total lack or error in those hacks indicates that the subject may be a compulsive perfectionist who exercises in depth planning and organization prior to "making his move".

To date, 27 separate hacking incidents are attributed to Svengali due to the discovery of his name embedded in code related to the hack, or the name being directly used as part of the hack.

Exploitable Weaknesses: the subject's superior qualities has likely resulted in him being confronted with little to no failure or risk to his person during the course of his life. It is possible that if he is maneuvered into a physically high risk circumstance the subject may be susceptible to mistakes brought on by an unfamiliar panic state.

Known Crimes

Multiple hacks into Ageira security networks. Malicious and destructive distortions to Ageira personnel files, financial records, and executive letterhead. Re-routing of Ageira supply ships to miscellaneous destinations. Insinuation of insulting and slanderous material into Ageira communications networks. Using Ageira communications channels and literature to dispense criminal propaganda.

Threat Assessment

  • The subject is considered as low level threat in terms of personal potential to physically damage Ageira Technologies properties and personnel.
  • The subject is considered as extreme level threat in terms of potential damage to Ageira Technologies security protocols and Neural-net assets.
  • The subject is considered as medium level threat in terms of potential public relations damage to Ageira Technologies image and its subsidiaries.


All security agents are instructed to capture at all costs the subject after eliminating all its electronic warfare systems in order to avoid a hostile takeover. If captured the target is to be secured in the nearest facility where it will await transfer to the headquarters for further processing. No preliminary interrogation of the subject is allowed.

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