Hugo Drax [neural-net account]

Dossier #2765-509 by Ageira Technologies, Security Division, Intelligence Branch
Alias: Hugo Drax
Affiliation: The Lane Hackers
Rank: Specialist
Status: Inactive
Background: Ageira Technologies
Height: 170 cm
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Age: 55, born 776 A.S.

Personal Background

The subject was a worker at Ageira Technologies for six years. He worked as a security consultant at first, moving up to a security analyst in his later years. His job required extensive logical and mathematical skills. Coworkers of the subject maintained he was a great worker, adept at protecting many of Ageira's and other corporation's assets.

According to electronic diaries seized from his home on Planet Manhattan, he had supposedly found holes deliberately placed in certain security protocols. These breaches could compromise the security and allow attacks on the unprotected assets. The subject perceived this as insurance fraud.

After hearing this plot the subject became paranoid and elected to flee from Planet Denver where he was currently assigned. By hacking several neural nets, he was able to buy a Starflier-class ship to escape to the Lane Hackers. The subject avoided capture by Ageira Security and the LPI. He is believed to be hiding out in the Magellan System.

Known Crimes

Multiple hacks into Ageira Security databases. Multiple hacks into the LSF and Liberty Navy comms channels. Multiple hacks of personal and business neural nets for personal gain. Two counts of possession of contraband software.

Threat Assessment

  • The subject is considered as medium level threat in terms of personal potential to physically damage Ageira Technologies properties and personnel.
  • The subject is considered as medium level threat in terms of potential damage to Ageira Technologies security protocols and Neural-net assets.
  • The subject is considered as medium level threat in terms of potential public relations damage to Ageira Technologies image and its subsidiaries.


All security agents are instructed to capture at all costs the subject using standard operational techniques and procedures. If captured the target is to be secured in the nearest facility where it will await transfer to the headquarters for further processing. No preliminary interrogation of the subject is allowed.

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