Oddjob [neural-net account]

Dossier #1212-742 by Ageira Technologies, Security Division, Intelligence Branch
Alias: Oddjob
Affiliation: The Lane Hackers
Rank: Hacker
Status: Inactive
Joined: 820-03-23 AS
Background: Ageira Technologies
Height: 171 cm
Hair: black
Eyes: unknown
Age: 40, born 791 A.S.

Personal Background

The subject has been documented taken interest in informations technology at a very early age, enabling him to drop out of high school early in order to successfully pursue an education and carreer in IT. While not overly specialised in anything, he seems to prefer a jack-of-all-trades approach, being a fairly experienced security expert, programmer, designer, modeller and hardware mechanic. This wide array of skills made it possible for him to perform numerous jobs.

Despite the seemingly very successful life the subject thusfar had, reports confirm that he struggled with numerous mental afflictions throughout his puberty, suffering from chronic depressions, schizophrenia, bipolarity, insomnia and numerous other mental and personality disorders. What caused this mental instability of the subject is unknown, however it did help shape the subject's mind to a more sinister state.

A few years after graduation, the subject reportedly started showing mysanthropic and sociopathic behavior, engaging in cybercrime at the presumed purpose of making others miserable, for no reason other than sadistic pleasure, and perhaps to also hone his skills. Police cyberteams caught wind of his operations at some point, effectively earning him a period of 8 years behind bars.

After the day of his release, the subject has not been seen planetside again. Unlikely to have succumbed to a lack of health, it is possible that he left his life to seek out the Lane Hacker organisation. Reports have shown numerous attacks by Lane Hackers on computer systems across the California and New York systems showing nearly identical signatures as the subject's signature nearly a decade ago during the peak of his cybercrimes.

The only difference is that the work signatures of these attacks seem a lot more complicated and careful.

Known Crimes

Petty theft, neural net piracy, distributing harmful software using compromised machines, terrorist threats, attempted compromisation of numerous neural net accounts, attacking databases and mainframes belonging to various corporations and governmental institutes. Numerous transmissions between the subject and corporate trading vessels have been recorded, showing the subject to be capable of altering the signatures of his transmissions, effectively abusing this mask to extort funds from unaware corporate employees through the use of social engineering.

Threat Assessment

  • The subject is considered as low level threat in terms of personal potential to physically damage Ageira Technologies properties and personnel.
  • The subject is considered as medium level threat in terms of potential damage to Ageira Technologies security protocols and Neural-net assets.
  • The subject is considered as high level threat in terms of potential public relations damage to Ageira Technologies image and its subsidiaries.


All security agents are instructed to capture or terminate the subject under a stealthy and highly classified operation exercising an element of surprise. If captured the target is to be transferred to the nearest facility to be interrogated.

  • 820-04-15 AS, Communication Channel with faction representatives from Gallic Brigands, independent (Medium priority)  
  • 820-04-15 AS, Communication Channel with Roxanne from [*O], Orbitals (Medium priority)
  • 820-04-08 AS, Communication Channel with Keiko Matsumado from [GC], Golden Chrysanthemums (High priority)